An Unforseen Contributor – Daniel Sorensen’s Journey To the NFL


“Dirty Dan” Daniel Sorensen, an undrafted free agent out of Brigham Young University, may be one of the most abrupt contributor within the entire NFL. With a devastating injury to teammate Eric Berry, Sorensen now faces his highest franchise role in his career – a starting spot with the implications of replacing a missing all-star in Berry. Sorensen’s past performances did not give him the guaranteed ability for this spot, as he had to work for it (not to mention he was undrafted). The journey to the league for Sorensen was not the easiest, as Sorensen had to work for his rewards in the NFL. But against many odds, Sorensen made it, and what he now carries for the franchise is well deserving.

An Unforseen Contributor – Daniel Sorensen’s Journey To the NFL

Before The Fame – High School

Sorensen enriched his roots of academic success at Colton High School school in his hometown in Colton, California. In high school, Sorensen was known as a tough football player on the football field, but at the same time, a heart of gold off of the gridiron.

On the field, Sorensen was something special in high school. He was known for his defensive mindset, with a knack for creating explosive contact. Throughout his four years performing at a constant elevating level in high school, Sorensen combined for 87 tackles, while 62 of his tackles were listed as solos, along with an impact stat of 23 pass deflections.

Well deserved honors came with his profound numbers in high as he stacked up the awards. In Sorensen’s junior year he earned First team All-Conference in both offense and defense. Following those honors, in his senior season he was awarded first team All-League on defense, and second team All-State, also on defense. These superb accomplishments throughout his high school success guided him to the next level as a collegiate performer at his college of choice in Brigham Young University (henceforth, BYU).

Before The NFL – Eagle Scout, College Athlete, Coasta Rica, and Everything In Between

2008 Season

In 2008 as a freshman, Sorensen played in a total of twelve games, and contributed on 17 total tackles for the Cougars. As a freshman he did not start, yet the numbers he held were impressive for a first year freshman. His first season only teased with his full potential moving forward. The anticipation for Sorensen to produce in his sophomore campaign was high, as he was projected to hold a starting spot. But, Sorensen had other plans with his sophomore year – plans that mirrored the true heart within the defensive superstar at BYU.

2009-2010 – Heart Beyond The Game

Sorensen’s sophomore, and junior year numbers hit rock bottom, as zeros occupied every column of his stat sheet, that is if one even existed. In fact, Sorensen’s roots were not implanted on the Utah soil within the campus of BYU. Sorensen put his sophomore and junior season on standby, as he took his leadership to a new location, far more important than any game of football – San Jose, Coasta Rica.

Sorensen implemented his hardwork and dedication in different matters. He took part in a mission trip in San Jose to better himself as a person, all while helping a struggling location in Coasta Rica. Leaving his team behind to help others only signifies what kind of man Sorensen is. He left BYU as a football player, and came back to his faithful team an even more developed, and honored man.

Sophomore and Junior Season

Sorensen started right where he left off, only he got better. In his next two seasons, Sorensen combined for 129 tackles. Whether it was the mission trip, or a gain in confidence, Sorensen became a reliable name for the Cougars of BYU. In his sophomore year, Sorensen scored his first collegiate defensive touchdown.

Senior Season

His senior campaign, he morphed his game to more of a defensive back, instead of a linebacker. Sorensen broke his previous best in tackles in one season (41) by setting the bar at 42. He hauled in two interceptions, one shy of his record in three interceptions in a single season. His incline in numbers helped him gain some NFL draft momentum. He was a projected late round pick, due to his underdeveloped frame, and below average speed. If he held quicker feet, and a more well defined frame, Sorensen could have easily been a early round draft pick.

Welcome to the NFL Daniel Sorensen (Kind of)

After the disappointment in not being selected in the NFL draft, per usual, the Kansas City Chiefs found their yearly undrafted gem. The Chiefs added Sorensen to their developing roster in Kansas City.

In 2012, the Chiefs signed Sorensen to their practice squad, but not to the official roster. A few months later, the team waived the future starter off of the practice squad, only later to be re-signed by Chiefs two days later. After a few more months on the practice team, Sorensen had the honors of joining an NFL roster for the first time. Smart move Kansas City, smart move.

Making A Name For Himself In the League

A few seasons as a bench player, Sorensen found himself signing a one year contract tender to return his duties as a Chief for what was predicted to be his final season in red and yellow. In 2016 is where he made a name for himself. He made his starting debut, and did not take that lightly. Sorensen had a whopping 63 tackles, with 55 of those being solos in his best year yet.

From being waived by the team, to being a star for the team, Sorensen was rewarded in this previous off-season with his first offical NFL league-wide contract extension. Sorensen was signed on a four year 16 million dollar deal for the team.

What a total change in momentum for the undrafted rookie who nearly was lost in the shuffle after being waived by the team. The Chiefs did not sign him to an extension just to spend money – they signed Sorensen because he can play, and is starting to develop an explosive mindset that is loved by many in the NFL.

“Dirty Dan” – Loved By Many

From being undrafted, to being a contributor that many never would have guessed, Sorensen has found himself with a starting spot in Kansas City. What makes this man so special is his heart, and competitiveness he possesses when on the football field. But, if you find Sorensen with his pads off, he is no longer a hard hitting monster, but more of an every day guy, who just loves the game of football.

In March, fans were not entirely sure why ex general manager John Dorsey spent the high bulk of money on an undrafted free agent. But Sorensen deserves his spot in the league, as he is now holding high standards, and has so far played above par. Sorensen has literally soared in the NFL as a contributor for the team, no pun intended. Do you need proof? No worries, watch here.

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