Any Given Monday NFL Podcast – Episode 15: FOOTBALL IS BACK (NFL Week One Review)


The boys are back with their first episode of Any Given Monday for the 2017 NFL season! In this episode, Nads and Dunc review all the big news from NFL week one.

NFL Recap:

The boys will get you up to speed with the latest happenings around the NFL. There have been a mountain of injuries to key players, and the boys talk you through them all. Then, they dive into their three favorite games of the week:

Dunc and Nads discuss Kareem Hunt’s monster debut, Alex Smith being uncharacteristically un-Alex Smith-like, and the Patriots defensive woes. They talk Beast Mode’s return to the gridiron, Amari Cooper‘s drop issues, and the underwhelming showing from Tennessee. They also talk about Carson Wentz’s step to the next level, Dunc has a bit of love for Ryan Kerrigan, and a whole lot more, including EVERY SINGLE GAME that happened in week one!


The Slam Dunc for this week is one not to be missed. After all, you know it’s going to be a good one when Dunc is roasting his own Colts franchise! And in fairness, he has every right to!

Finally, the boys start a brand new segment as they run through their ‘picks’ for next week, and will keep a running tally throughout the season. Who you got? Dunc leads after week one with 11 correct, Nads trailing behind with nine.

Also, for those who were looking forward to our final quarterback rankings, they unfortunately are not a part of this week’s show, but keep an eye out for a special edition podcast specifically for those final rankings in the near future.

Any Given Monday is a podcast dedicated to all things NFL, recorded by two Aussies mad enough to get up at 3am on a work day to watch the games!


Hayden Nadolny is a mad NFL fan based in Melbourne, Australia. He has been a supporter of the Raiders ever since he received a Charles Woodson jersey back in 2000. Hayden’s football highlight was getting to work as a guest assistant equipment manager for the Raiders on the field against Miami in 2011. When not following the NFL, Hayden spends his days working as a Chiropractor.

Duncan Soang is a diehard Colts fan going back to the early days of Peyton Manning heaving it up to Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne. Being a Colts fan, his highlight in football was seeing the Colts hoist the Lombardi trophy in Super Bowl XLI. If not glued to a screen following the NFL, you will find Duncan working as a lawyer.

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