Pittsburgh Steelers Preseason Week 4 Takeaways


As the preseason concludes, teams across the NFL are weighing their options heading into the regular season. It includes making decisions on position battles, game plans, and the final roster. This holds true for the Pittsburgh Steelers, who finished the preseason with a 17-14 win over the Carolina Panthers in Carolina. The third preseason game is known as the most important of preseason games. However, the fourth can often help shape the roster and future of many players. This being said, the Steelers fourth preseason game may have shaped the future of players Josh Dobbs, Terrell Watson, and Cobi Hamilton.

Pittsburgh Steelers Preseason Week 4 Takeaways

Dobbs Impresses in Final Preseason Game

Entering the final preseason game of his rookie season, Dobbs looked to impress before taking his spot on the bench. He certainly did not disappoint on Thursday night, completing 16 of 23 passes for 212 yards and a touchdown. Dobbs also ran in the game-winning touchdown with two seconds left in the game. Dobbs’ performance was his best by far this preseason. He looked very comfortable in the pocket, while also making plays with his legs. The Dobbs that showed up last night is the one the Steelers hope will lead the team after Ben Roethlisberger retires.

It was not just the stats that Dobbs brought Thursday night, but also his ability to make plays. Coming out of college, two of his biggest strengths were his mobility and his ability to throw the deep pass. Dobbs displayed both of these strengths Thursday night leading the Steelers to two touchdowns. Dobbs found Justin Hunter in the second quarter for a 58-yard touchdown. Late in the fourth, Dobbs scrambled and found Marcus Tucker for 34 yards, bringing the Steelers down to the one yard line. Dobbs then scrambled for the game’s deciding score.

It’s Elementary, My Dear Watson

Entering camp, not many people were predicting Watson would have a successful preseason. Or at least, successful enough of a preseason to make the Steelers roster. However, that is exactly what Watson went out and did in the 2017 preseason. Watson finished off his impressive preseason Thursday night, gaining 89 yards on 19 carries. Watson’s speed and unquestionable strength running the ball have made him a formidable option behind Le’Veon Bell for carries. He is the greatest example this year of someone earning a roster spot through hard work and impressive play.

Cobi Coughs Up Roster Spot

Unfortunately, while preseason can make some players like Watson, it can also break them. With so much talent at wide receiver for the Steelers, mistakes are killers. A prime example of this is Canaan Severin, who dropped two passes and was cut shortly thereafter this preseason. Unfortunately for Hamilton, the same might be true for him after he fumbled away the ball with less than two minutes left in the game. With so many receivers, Hamilton may not be able to hold on to his roster spot after his fumble.

Up Next : Regular Season

The focus finally shifts to the regular season, where the Steelers open in Cleveland against the Browns. Considering the Steelers recent success against Cleveland and rookie quarterbacks, Pittsburgh will look to start the season 1-0 on Sunday.

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