Chicago Bears Easiest Games in 2017

Last Word On Pro Football is currently analyzing the schedules of all 32 NFL teams. Each game will be ranked according to difficulty, with one being the hardest game. This series will be broken up into two articles, including the most difficult (1-8) and easiest (9-16) games for each team. In this piece, the Chicago Bears easiest games in 2017 are the focus.

Chicago Bears Easiest Games in 2017

9. Week 11 vs. Detroit Lions

The Lions also made the list of most difficult games for the Bears this season. However, this game landed here for the same reason the Vikings game did. Despite the talent and weapons that have been added to help Matthew Stafford, the Lions also do not fare well at Soldier Field, and the Bears could surprise them at home.

10. Week 4 vs. Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings are a tough team this year, and with weapons like Dalvin Cook they also made the list of the toughest games for the Bears this year. However, the Vikings also have a history with the Bears, and a part of that history is that they struggle at Soldier Field. This might be different this year, but this game will be another opportunity for the Bears to pull off a potential upset.

11. Week 2 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

With players like DeSean Jackson, Mike Evans and O.J. Howard catching passes from Jameis Winston the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense will be hard for the Bears to stop, but it will be exciting to watch them try. However, they made the easiest list (although barely) because their defense is mediocre at best—good, but not great. This could be an opportunity for Chicago to pull off an upset.

12. Week 8 at New Orleans Saints

New Orleans could come back with a ten-win season this year, or maybe not. They lost a couple of games last year at the last second on special teams plays, so they are a gamble this year. This is again one of the more difficult “easy” games for the Bears. If Drew Brees is on his game, and Alvin Kamara emerges under the tutelage of Adrian Peterson, this could be tough team for the Bears to defend.

13. Week 12 at Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz needed some help. Like a wide receiver target in Alshon Jeffery and a potential running game with LeGarrette Blount and rookie Donnel Pumphrey. They also added some weapons on defense as well.

Unfortunately, even some of the easiest games for the Bears will be tough, and this one could be in that category depending on how the Eagles have gelled by this point in the season, and what injuries they may or may not have suffered.

14. Week 14 at Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals were not that good last season and did little to improve over the off-season. There are a few talented players, but the loss of their two best offensive linemen in Andrew Whitworth and Kevin Zeitler will make it hard for the front line to hold. The Bengals don’t have a discernible running game either, so the Bears should be able to hold their own and then some.

15. Week 13 vs. San Francisco 49ers

One of the worst teams in football last year, the San Francisco 49ers still have a long way to go to make a comeback, although they do have a tough front seven with names like Solomon Thomas and DeForest Buckner up front and NaVorro Bowman and Reuben Foster at linebacker. The Bears should be able to manage this defense, although this might be a low scoring game on both sides since neither team has a great offense.

16. Week 16 at Cleveland Browns

When you look at the Cleveland Browns, you see a team headed in the right direction, but they had nowhere to go but up since they finished 1-15 last year. They have arguably one of the best offensive lines in football, adding veteran Kevin Zeitler this off-season. DeShone Kizer could be the Browns starter by this game, and his rookie status should mean the Bears can defend him well. Likely this will be Chicago’s easiest game of the year, even though they are on the road.

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