Oakland Raiders Third Round Draft Reaction

As the draft progresses, Ryan Smith and Giovanni Militano will break down each of Oakland’s picks. They will be asked if they liked the pick, if the player will make an immediate impact on the team, if there’s another player they liked more, and how’d they grade the selection. This is the official draft reaction page for the Raiders department of Last Word on Pro Football.

Oakland Raiders Third Round Draft Reaction

With the 88th Pick in the Third Round, the Oakland Raiders Select…Eddie Vanderdoes, defensive tackle, UCLA

1. Do You Like the Pick?



2. Why or Why Not?


Eddie Vanderdoes has been hurt for three years, and he hasn’t been the same since. The Oakland Raiders need serious help in the front seven, and this is very high for such a risky pick.


Vanderdoes suffered a torn ACL in 2015. After missing the entire season, he struggled in 2016. Along with that, Vanderdoes carries too much weight. He’ll need to lose a few pounds to really contribute.

3. Will This Player Make An Immediate Impact on the Team?

Smith- He better

Militano-If he can stay on the field

4. Is There Another Player You Wanted Instead, and If So, Who?

Smith- Yes

Jaleel Johnson is a much safer pick at this point. The Raiders really reached on Vanderdoes here.

Militano- Yes

I have been high on Jaleel Johnson since the start of the draft process. Jaleeel doesn’t have the awful injury history that Vanderdoes has. Jaleel Johnson was the much safer pick.

5. Grade-


The Raiders really reached here. If he’s their guy, then sure, but he wasn’t the best defensive tackle available, and he probably could’ve been had in the fourth.


Eddie Vanderdoes has the opportunity to prove his worth as a third round pick. When healthy, and in shape, Vanderdoes can be a really good player. Vanderdoes just has a hard problem staying healthy and in shape.

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