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Albert Wilson

Break Out Wide Receivers for 2018

Every year in the National Football League, wide receivers step up seemingly out of nowhere to become pivotal players for their team. Sometimes a...
Dante Pettis

The Seattle Seahawks Should Draft Dante Pettis

One position the Seattle Seahawks could use an upgrade to is wide receiver. With their lacking offense relying heavily on quarterback Russell Wilson in 2017, the Seattle Seahawks should draft Dante Pettis.
2015 Seattle Seahawks Draft

Evaluating the 2015 Seattle Seahawks Draft

The 2015 Seattle Seahawks draft is best remembered for the Jimmy Graham trade. However, the current roster turnover for the team will highlight the lack of depth that this draft provided.
Josh Jackson

Josh Jackson Is a Great Fit for the Seattle Seahawks

Josh Jackson is one of the top cornerback prospects in this year's draft class and could fit right into a Seattle Seahawks secondary in need of some upgrades.
Sheldon Richardson

Minnesota Vikings Agree to Terms With Sheldon Richardson

Defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson spent the 2017 season with the Seattle Seahawks, arriving there via a preseason trade with the New York Jets where he played during his first four years in the NFL.

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