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Washington Redskins Most Difficult Games in 2017

Last Word On Pro Football is evaluating the schedules of all 32 NFL teams. In this piece, the eight most difficult games of the 2017 Washington Redskins schedule are the focus.

Terrelle Pryor is Pro Bowl Caliber Receiver, According to Former Coach

Terrelle Pryor's departure from the Cleveland Browns came as a surprise. The former dual threat quarterback-turned-wide receiver indicated in the lead-up to free agency that...

Pre-Preseason Power Rankings

It's never too early to make predictions about the upcoming NFL season. So lets get to it. Here are some pre-preseason power rankings!

Franchise Tag Deadline Looming for Three Teams

Le'Veon Bell, Kirk Cousins and Trumaine Johnson still have yet to sign long-term deals after receiving the franchise tag designation in the off-season.

The Most Underrated Player in the History of Each NFL Team:...

We gave you a list naming the most overrated player in the history of each franchise. This article does the opposite, listing the most underrated player

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