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Kansas City Chiefs week 14 scheme

Kansas City Chiefs Week 14 Scheme Breakdown – Raider Week Round...

The Kansas City Chiefs week 14 scheme revolves around maintaining the Matt Nagy offensive attack, while emphasizing pass rush to save the AFC West lead.

Week 13 Kansas City Chiefs Takeaways

The week 13 Kansas City Chiefs takeaways presented delightful plays intermixed with a defense that was consistent in failing to finish.

Week 13 Kansas City Chiefs Keys to Victory

Week 13 Kansas City Chiefs: As the Chiefs head to MetLife Stadium to battle the New York Jets, they must accomplish these three keys to correct the slide.

Kansas City Chiefs Week 13 Scheme Breakdown – Manipulating Through Pacing

The Kansas City Chiefs week 13 scheme will beget the same offense and defense, but a different pacing to assert manipulation of the New York Jets scheme.

Analyzing the Current AFC Playoff Picture

With five weeks left in the 2017 NFL season, which teams are in the AFC playoff picture and how will they fare in their quest for the postseason?

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