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The Breakdown: A Look at the LA Chargers Schematic Philosophy

As we round out the AFC portion and move into the West division of "The Breakdown," we take a look at the newly relocated Los Angeles Chargers.

Fight for LA Off to Shaky Start for Rams, Chargers

The Los Angeles Chargers will be hoping their offensive play can lead to success on and off the field as they battle the Rams for LA supremacy.

Los Angeles Chargers 2016 Fantasy Football Recap

The Los Angeles Chargers 2016 fantasy football recap. How the Chargers skill position players performed in 2016 and where to draft them this coming season.

The AFC West Is Still the Best

The NFC East and South have an argument, as well as the AFC South. But when it comes to the best division in football, the AFC West is easily the best

Joey Bosa is Overrated

Pump the brakes and temper the hype of Joey Bosa. Closer to Trent Cole than he is to Khalil Mack, how is it possible that Joey Bosa is overrated already?

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