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Born and raised in the central belt of Scotland, conventional Football (Soccer) or Fitba (in the common tongue) was a sport that not only occupied your life, but defined who you were as a human being. I have always, however, had a lingering fascination with the other 'Football' form over the pond. I wanted to get involved, watch it, live it, breathe it - all I needed was a team. My plan was simple: Number 1 - Spend an evening watching the 2014 NFL draft. Number 2 - Select the rookie and declare him my favourite player. Number 3 - Declare my undying love for the team that he is drafted by. Well…. I picked Johnny Manziel …..and became a Cleveland Browns fan! *sigh* Most people will laugh and say "tough luck" butI don't know why but I love this god-damn team! If Johnny Manziel has done one thing right in the world, it was to lead me to Cleveland Browns!

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