Week Four New York Jets Takeaways


The New York Jets earned their second victory of the season, and continued their winning streak on Sunday afternoon after their 23-20 overtime victory at home over the Jacksonville Jaguars. This victory continues to surprise people throughout the league. Many said that the Jets had a solid chance to go 0-16. However, after the first quarter of the season, the Jets stand at 2-2. This does not mean that the Jets are suddenly a playoff team, but there are definitely things to be excited about.

Week Four New York Jets Takeaways

No More Matt Forte

Bilal Powell and Elijah McGuire combined for 31 carries for 256 yards and each added one touchdown. Matt Forte was out today with turf toe. Even though Forte has had a marvelous career, he does not have the same speed and elusiveness that Powell and McGuire bring to the table. The Jets need to maintain a run game in order to run an effective offense, and Powell and McGuire allow them to do that more than Forte.

Give credit to the offensive line for the running game, but when Powell and McGuire get to the second and third levels, they are very shifty and can win one-on-one battles between themselves and a tackler. Forte, when he has played this season, has not had a ton of success running the ball out of the backfield.

Todd Bowles needs to give Powell and McGuire the majority of the snaps in the running back rotation from here on out.

Defensive Resiliency

After the Jaguars had a ten play 61-yard drive on their first offensive possession, the Jets defense locked in. This game started out looking like it was going to be a repeat of weeks one and two where the defense was alright, but did not play to their full potential. This week, that was not the case. They made the adjustments and played well for the rest of the game.

Demario Davis and Darron Lee kept up their impressive play from last week. This game seemed a lot like what was expected from the Jets as a team. The defense kept the team in the game and the offense tacked on some points here and there.

Jamal Adams continues to shine by making plays all over the field. The Jets have a special player on their hands in Adams for years to come.

The Jets Are Managing Josh McCown Perfectly

The Jets are setting Josh McCown up for success. They are not asking him to do too much. Give credit to offensive coordinator John Morton for his play calling. He is giving McCown opportunities to complete passes and you can see that in his completion percentage over the past couple weeks. Even though he was involved in two turnovers today, they were flukey turnovers and they are not too much of a concern.

Overall, what the Jets are showing is definitely promising. They are showcasing and finding pieces that will have an impact in the future. The fact they have the same record as the New England Patriots four weeks into the season is a promising development indeed.

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