Cole Beasley is Invaluable to Dallas Cowboys Football


Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, Dez Bryant. These names signify the core of what is the Dallas Cowboys. These star players all claim the majority of the attention from the media and for good reason. Unfortunately, there is one player who doesn’t share all the glory, but deserves it just as much; that player is wide receiver Cole Beasley.

Cole Beasley is Invaluable to Dallas Cowboys Football


Early Years

Beasley an option quarterback turned wide receiver in college; playing for four seasons at Southern Methodist University whileposting two season of over 1,000 receiving yards. However, Beasley went undrafted in 2012, mainly because of his size at 5’8” and 180 pounds. He was signed after the draft by Dallas, but was contemplating retirement during training camp. Regardless, Beasley went on to make the 53-man roster after deciding against retirement. After carving out a role for himself with the team in the years to come, Beasley had an amazing campaign in his fifth NFL season with Dallas.

With Bryant out three games last year due to a knee injury, rookie quarterback Prescott had to turn to more unlikely of targets to win games during the 2016 season. For the 13-3 regular season record, Beasley’s 75 receptions and 833 yards, both led the team. In addition, Beasley had a 76.5% catch rate, ranking second in the NFL. (Player Profiler)

Beasley’s small frame and excellent route-running enables him to punish defenders in the slot. Quick out-routes and slants make the speedy Beasley nearly in guard-able on these short distance plays. Not only that, but his sheer athleticism is mystifying. Back in 2015, Odell Beckham Jr. posted video of him dunking on a standard NBA rim to show his crazy leaping ability. Beasley sent one right back to him after posting this Instagram video of him performing a double-pump reverse dunk in the gym. This is the same athleticism he puts on display on the field and is what leads him to making so many plays.

According to Next Gen stats, Beasley was also the league’s leader in getting separation from defenders in the slot. Beasley’s uncanny ability to create plays led him to convert 51 first-downs out of his 75 catches, an astounding 68 percent clip. In fact, Beasley converted more first-downs in 2016 than Demaryius Thomas, Amari Cooper, Brandin Cooks, and Terrelle Pryor.

2017 Season Outlook

For the 2017 season, Beasley looks to only improve on his ridiculous efficiency with the team. On Sunday, Beasley made his amazing play-making ability apparent after a crazy circus catch along the sideline against the New York Giants, pinning the ball against the back of his helmet to convert on a key third down that led viewers to drop their jaws. Beasley ended the game with three receptions of 32 yards, a mediocre stat line, but important considering all his catches led to first downs.

While Beasley may not capture all the attention of the NFL, he certainly deserves it after what he’s done for America’s team. But for now, Beasley will continue his efficient production with the team, waiting for many fans to acknowledge his stardom.

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