Key Aspects of the Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Success


42 is a number that should ring a bell within the kindred of Chiefs Kingdom. This number symbolizes the points put up solely by the offense of Kansas City in an unforgettable win against the New England Patriots. The show displayed by the offense of the Chiefs was no fluke whatsoever. As a fan, expect the superior offense to carry the momentum further into the season, and look exciting as ever as the offense carries talent throughout every position. But what exactly makes this offense appear to click on all cylinders frequently? The answer cannot be boiled down to one word, yet a few key reasons for the success hover above all.

Key Aspects of the Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Success

1) Versatility Exists With Speed Depth

Speed is not a lacking variable in the midst of Kansas City’s offensive fire-power. The position that carries the most speed lies in the wide receiver position. Not only is the speed within the wide receivers the best on the team, it may be arguably the best in the NFL. Not to mention the fastest player in the NFL is a go-to receiver in Kansas City.

Speedy wide receivers not only help the team move down the field, but it relieves pressure off of the run game. Rookie running back Kareem Hunt should have a great season regardless of the wide receiver play, yet having the speed outside of his running lanes helps his success shine within. For example, when Tyreek Hill is split out wide against man coverage, all of the attention of the defense turns to Hill, allowing Hunt to work the weak side of the field.

A name on the roster that carries shiftiness and speed that is often forgotten about is quarterback Alex Smith. A 33-year-old with 13 seasons under his belt, Smith still carries shiftiness and pocket awareness that he held in college and throughout the NFL. When the pocket opens up with no one open to throw to, Smith often takes advantage of the open running lane. He is also very smart with his ball carrying, as he often slides out of the way of contact to keep him healthy. Having this tool as a quarterback creates yet another problem for opposing defenses.

2) Andy Reid’s “West Coast” Style Offensive Scheme

For a franchise to possess talented players is one thing, but to own a talented roster and a mastermind head coach creates hectic scenarios against unworthy opponents. Head coach Andy Reid, a 19 year NFL head coaching veteran, has experience and the mind to make a grade school recess football team become Super Bowl contenders (probably not, but this would make for an interesting NFL storyline). Reid has worked with a “west coast” style offense that makes defenses always guessing. As does every offense, but Reid will inconsistently throw a pass on third and inches. He makes defenses try to predict the unpredictable.

With the unpredictable play calling showing up, it creates defensive lapses, and allows for any player on offense to shine. Each season, the Chiefs build more talent on the offensive end, which makes it hard to stop defensively. Imagine zone covering Hill, yet having the responsibilities to watch tight end Travis Kelce slant into your zone coverage assignment. The Chiefs are creating matchup and coverage nightmares, and if this trend continues, the team will eventually become unstoppable.

3) Young, Yet Experienced

The strategic roster building in the past has created an interesting situation in Kansas City. The starters for the offense all have had more than one season, except for Hunt. The team’s average age for offensive starters is right around 26 years old. Veteran Alex Smith at age 33 serves as an outlier, as he is the only starter older than 28.

Smith may only have a few NFL seasons in store for himself, but the team already has a back up to replace in Patrick Mahomes II. This is a good situation for an offense to be in. If there is only one rookie starter on the field, then the team has smartly built a well defined corps of starters. Expect this offense to shine for the years to come, thanks to the starters now, and the talent under waiting to be unleashed.

4) Depth In Every Position

This somewhat ties into the successor right above, but it is a vital reason to why the team’s talents went on an uphill roar, after a drought of success within the organization. Behind each position on the roster lies a young talent adapting to the NFL waiting for their opportunity to showcase themselves with a well-defined role in the team.

At quarterback behind Smith lies Mahomes, behind the wide receivers lies Demarcus Robinson, and Jehu Chesson, and talent fortunantly lingers below each of the starting linemen positions. This helps presently if a starter were to get hurt this season, as each position holds an adequate back-up. Yet it also helps the future’s success in the franchise with the building and adapting to the game becoming better and better each practice. The Chiefs carry a dimension that many teams desperately wish to carry – a roster overflowing with talent.

A Year to Shine – The Offensive Fire-Power is Special

The Chiefs are due for an unforgettale season, and after the win in New England, the team gives a vibe that this will be a season to remember. Though the team has only played one game, it seems like this versatile team is ready for full force football for 15 more games, and hopefully a successful trip in the playoffs short after. Expect this team to conquer more and more each game, and prove the doubters wrong. This offense is particularly special this season – and it is only the beginning.

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