Blake Bortles is Key for Jacksonville Jaguars Success

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As the 2017 NFL season is now upon us (preseason anyway), the Jacksonville Jaguars are gearing up for a successful season. Blake Bortles success will be key for Jacksonville. His improvement in throwing is something that Jacksonville is in desperate need of. Last season, Jacksonville tended to have trouble winning games due to Bortles’ inaccuracy. But if he can eliminate that from his game, good things might be in store for the Jags in 2017.

Too many times in 2016 the Jaguars fell just short of winning valuable games. Perhaps the Jags could have won a few more had Bortles improved his throwing. As the off-season came about, he headed to California to work on his throwing motion. All signs so far point to the fourth-year quarterback being much improved.

Blake Bortles is Key for Jacksonville Jaguars Success

The 2017 season will prove to be a make-or-break year for Bortles. If he struggles, many think the Jags will turn to a different leader behind center. But Bortles has different ideas. He obviously wants to help this team win, but again, it all starts with his throwing.

Let’s break down just how Bortles can lead the Jags to success in 2017

Improve Throwing Motion

The main key for Bortles is to throw accurate passes to his receivers and bring down his interception numbers. Jacksonville drafted Bortles because they thought he would be the quarterback of the future. So far, he definitely has not lived up to those expectations. Working in California, Blake improved his throwing with his passing coach, and it has shown through camp so far. For the Jags to become an elite offense, BB5 has to prove he’s become a better thrower of the football. Some of his passes in training camp have been off, but most of them have been solid throws.

Make Smart Decisions

The coveted leader has been known to make not so smart decisions when it comes to passing the ball. Bortles’ has to be better in that regard this coming season. Jacksonville has a tough schedule in 2017, and how Bortles performs will have a major impact on the team’s success. Over the past few seasons, the Jaguars’ receivers have become frustrated with Bortles over making stupid decisions during games. Even if he has to scramble out of the pocket and run out of bounds, that would be better off than taking a sack. Too many times Bortles has been hit in the pocket by opposing defenses. With the new staff in Duval, maybe this offense can light a fire and win a few more games.

Overall Evaluation

Jacksonville’s success will heavily depend on the play of the offense. The receivers have to run the correct routes and be in understanding with their quarterback. 2017 relies all on Bortles’ play and how he will be a factor for this team. Jacksonville has aspirations to make the playoffs, but that all depends on how elite this team can become. If the Jags can band together and play their hearts out, they can surely make it back to the NFL postseason and end this horrific drought. But Bortles’ success is key to everything this season.

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