Oakland Raider Football is Back!

ALAMEDA, CA - MAY 23: Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr (4) surveys the field during the Oakland Raiders OTA at the Raiders Training Facility in Alameda,CA on May 23rd, 2017 (Photo by Samuel Stringer/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Oakland Raider Football is Back!

The Oakland Raiders will be playing Oakland Raider football for the first time since the devastating playoff loss to the Houston Texans last January seventh. The Raiders begin the 2017 NFL season with a preseason game in Phoenix versus the Arizona Cardinals tonight at seven pm PST.

Yes it is only a preseason game. And yes, Raiders fans will be just as excited to see players in action, as they will be holding their breath in case of injuries. But with the start of preseason, it means only four more weeks until the regular season kickoff.

Tonight is the first real action for many players on the roster. Only 53 will make the team, and after that only a handful will make the practice squad. Now is the chance to make a play. This is the opportunity to distance themselves from their competition. Now is the chance to shine.

Tonight Raiders fans will watch Oakland Raider football. They get an opportunity to see if Marquel Lee is hope or hype. They get to see Marshall Newhouse at left tackle and Vadal Alexander at right tackle. As well as what position Sean Smith will be covering.

Raiders fans are not the only ones who have questions. Special teams coach Brad Seely wants to know if he has special teams prospects or suspects. Defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr, and assistant head Coach Chuck Pagano want to see if the communication issues are a thing of the past. And they want to see a much more improved defense, even if the scheme is vanilla.

Will we see Derek Carr, or Marshawn Lynch? Only the Raiders know, but many fans would rather see them in bubble wrap for the evening. Are you ready for Oakland Raider Football even if its only preseason?
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