2017 Tennessee Titans Fantasy Football Outlook


Who knows the last time the Tennessee Titans had serious fantasy potential at almost every position? Seriously, try to name the last season where the Titans had a top-15 quarterback, running back, wide receiver, and tight end.

2017 Tennessee Titans Fantasy Football Outlook

The best answer you might give is last year, but even that is a tad dramatic. Fans shouldn’t get too far ahead of themselves and start sounding obnoxious. As nice as the Titans roster looks on paper, we know that doesn’t always translate to viable fantasy options. But, let’s take a look at this coming season.


Marcus Mariota
QB Rank: 6
ADP: ninth round
Titans fan ADP: sixth round

No one would blame you for taking Mariota a couple of rounds early to make sure you get your boy. However, after Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, there is quite a decline from the next tier of pivots – so don’t reach, be patient. If the next round of quarterbacks start getting taken around the fifth to seventh round, then begin to keep an eye on rosters of the teams ahead of you. If you notice they are stacking up on wideouts and running backs, then be cautious of quarterbacks.

Bear in mind, only 2.8 points separated QB5 to QB16 last season. That means if there is a number two wideout or an RB2 or RB3 still floating around, don’t grab Mariota when you could get Cam Newton or Jameis Winston a few rounds later, along with one of those previous two options.

Running back

DeMarco Murray
RB Rank: 7
ADP: second round

Jay Ajayi is ranked ahead of him because he doesn’t have a guy who works out 24/7 like Derrick Henry behind him. Murray should still get his 15 plus carries, and those 15 should be better than 20 from Jordan Howard or Todd Gurley thanks to the offensive line.

Drafting Murray with any pick after the tenth is going to be great value. Please don’t let your fandom allow you to take him over a guy like Melvin Gordon. Gordon has absolutely no one to take his touches and will be a monster in the red zone (inside 5) like he was last year.

Derrick Henry
RB Rank: 33
ADP: seventh round

The seventh round seems high, and it will be a very iffy pick for even a Titans fan. Despite Henry being a monster power back, the Titans are going to lean on Murray a lot. Henry will be a week-to-week flex option and a helpful guy to use during major bye weeks. Getting Henry beyond the tenth round would make him worth it.

His playing time will be too unpredictable; he isn’t worth using a mid-round pick. The seventh round will have players like Donte Moncrief, who could continue to be Andrew Luck‘s favorite red zone target, or Willie Snead who is going to benefit the most from Brandin Cooks departure. Even Bilal Powell, who isn’t as talented as Henry, but will get double the touches Henry gets.

Wait on Henry.

Wide Reciever

Eric Decker
WR Rank: 38
ADP: eighth round

Mariota is already a cheat code in the red zone with that silly stat 33 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. Now the Titans add Decker who was his own kind of silly in the red zone with ten touchdowns, which led the NFL in 2015. A Mariota, Decker red zone combination could be an NFL best.

The one-year ‘prove it deal’ that Decker signed gives him a very high ceiling and the reason he is the highest ranked wideout in the Titans offense. If Decker is available after the seventh round, do yourself a favor and draft him immediately. His upside could be the highest in this draft. Think about it, is there any other player at any position that could be a top 20 player that is drafted out side the seventh round? If Mariota has the season he’s expected, Decker could have a ten plus touchdown season.

If he stays healthy in 2017, expect this Titans offense to live up to the hype.

Rishard Matthews
WR Rank: 50
ADP: tenth to 12th round

Matthews had a career year in his first season with the Titans, but expect to see his number take a small hit. Seven of his nine touchdowns came in the red zone and with Eric Decker now in the mix, Matthews may not see as many targets inside the 20.

But, that doesn’t mean much though. One thing about Mariota is he likes guys who he’s familiar with, and that’s an advantage Matthews has over everyone besides Walker and the declining Tajae Sharpe.

Matthews could easily be Mariota’s third option as he could be his first. If he can get off to a smooth start, expect Matthews to repeat, but with all the talent Mariota has around him, don’t expect him to go to Matthews over and over if it isn’t working.

Corey Davis
WR Rank: 46
ADP: ninth round

It’s still way too early to know if this is accurate or not, but the potential is there. It could be even higher after training camp or lower. For now, if you could get Davis in the ninth you should take a chance on him. By then (the ninth round) you should have your core group of players, so adding Davis is worth the risk, he could easily sneak up as Mariota’s number one guy (just like the rest of them). The ninth round is a safe round to take him. But let’s reassess come September. Unless you’re drafting within the next couple weeks and in that case, you’re crazy and beautiful at the same time.

Taywan Taylor
WR Rank: Doesn’t matter

Tajae Sharpe
WR Rank: IDK
ADP: ??

It’s crazy how much Sharpe has fallen off this off-season and for what? Rumors? His ankle? Regardless, Sharpe produced last year, and everyone was very high on him. He can run a route better than anyone and seems to be on the same wavelength as Mariota, and that’s all he may need.

Similar to Matthews if Sharpe can get off to a good start in camp, then he should find himself apart of this offense and can make a difference. However, the same can be said if he goes the other way. Slow start or not, it’s likely he will fall down the depth chart.

A player who could move above him on said depth chart is third round pick Taywan Taylor who everyone fell in love with during OTAs and rookie camp, and for good reason too. He’s a young talent who has a great burst of speed that could help the Titans in stretching the defense over the top – something they haven’t had in quite some time. He’s also a shifty slot receiver that could really compliment Mariota’s style, something he was used to in Oregon.

Both should go undrafted, or for Titan fans 14th to 16th round picks.

Tight End

Delanie Walker
TE Rank: 5-6
ADP: seventh round

Kyle Rudolph is a nose ahead of Walker for the fifth ranked tight end just because of the lack of wideouts the Vikings have. There is no one else to throw to other than Rudolph. He led tight ends in targets (132) last year and had the second most touchdowns (7)

Walker is still going to produce and be a consistent option every week. If you can snag him around the sixth round, do so. Don’t let the Jimmy Graham hype persuade you away from Walker. As great of a fantasy tight end Graham used to be, the risk of taking him before Walker a round or two earlier isn’t worth it.


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