Positive Morale In Seattle Seahawks Locker Room


The Seattle Seahawks play together nicely on the field, so many in the media have resorted to criticizing their behavior in the locker room. A recent ESPN article claims animosity still exists among players and coaches over the infamous loss to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX. This controversial article is almost entirely fictitious. More than any team in the league, morale in the Seahawks locker is amicable and optimistic.

Positive Morale In Seattle Seahawks Locker Room

Head coach Pete Carroll is not a strict disciplinarian like many coaches. Video of team meetings shows players and coaches celebrating together after wins, and casually joking after losses. While many coaches punish players after losses with mandatory silence, Carroll encourages his players when they lose. He chooses to focus on the positives, while still addressing the negatives. He knows that his players always give maximum effort, even though they sometimes make mistakes. His players return the favor by always striving for improvement.

Recent Article Sparks Controversy

According to the aforementioned article, cornerback Richard Sherman still holds a grudge against Carroll for calling a passing play at the end of Super Bowl XLIX, and against quarterback Russell Wilson for throwing an interception. Many others in the media have latched onto this idea, spreading rumors that general manager John Schneider attempted to trade Sherman because of his antagonism towards Carroll and Wilson.

There is no truth to these claims. Many Seahawks players, including wide receiver Doug Baldwin and defensive ends Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril, have come forward to express support for their coaches and teammates. The Seahawks are not concerned with past disappointments. They are completely focused on their present training, practice and preparation so they can win games in the upcoming season.

Unproven Accounts Of Minor Disagreements

The article begins by reporting an alleged incident that occurred in training camp three years ago, during the summer after winning Super Bowl XLVIII. At that time, Sherman allegedly shouted an expletive at Wilson after intercepting a pass in practice. Whether or not this unsubstantiated account is true, the event took place before the Super Bowl loss, so its relevance to the article’s main premise is unclear.

In another confrontation, Sherman ordered offensive lineman Germain Ifedi to move from his seat because rookies are required to sit on the floor at team meetings. The article also refers to a comment Sherman made in an interview after clinching a playoff berth against the Los Angeles Rams last season. These minor altercations at most reveal disagreements that inevitably take place on any team, no matter how successful.

The best evidence for the Seahawks winning attitude is their performance on the playing field. While many teams, like the Carolina Panthers and San Francisco 49ers, have imploded since narrowly losing championship bids, the Seahawks have continued playing at a high level. Seattle has reached the playoffs both years since falling just short in Super Bowl XLIX. Despite criticism, virtually all of their starters will return next season, with championship hopes a definite possibility.


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