New York Jets Best-Case and Worst-Case Scenarios in 2017

PHILADELPHIA, PA - SEPTEMBER 1: Quarterback Christian Hackenberg #5 of the New York Jets rolls out against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on September 1, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.(Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images for New York Jets)

While most fans are enthusiastic about their team’s future, New York Jets fans might be dreading the upcoming season. Why? Because the Jets best-case scenario involves losing as many games as possible. They enter training camp with one of the weakest rosters in the NFL and positional battles with players that have barely taken any NFL snaps. So, with all their problems, what are the best and worst case scenarios for Gang Green in 2017?

New York Jets Best-Case and Worst-Case Scenarios in 2017


The Jets best-case scenario in the upcoming season is to win about two games and confirm that neither Christian Hackenberg nor Bryce Petty can be NFL starting quarterbacks. Two wins would almost guarantee a top two pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. Then, the Jets would have a chance to select the franchise quarterback they’ve been yearning for.

In addition to a clear answer at quarterback, the Jets need to see what Bilal Powell can do. Last season, the 28-year-old running back split time with the aging Matt Forte. Though Forte might sell jerseys, he is not helping them win, and will probably leave after this year. With Powell still on the roster, the Jets front office has to see if he can be the running back for years to come. Otherwise, the position will just be added to the running list of needs for the Jets.

The last and most important thing that has to happen for the Jets in 2017 is that the rookies play a full season. That means no devastating injury to any of their recent draft picks, a lot of which shows a tremendous amount of promise. Even if the rookies don’t come in and perform right away, getting them reps and having them learn from the veterans is the most important thing. Most importantly, allowing the Jets rookie safety duo of Marcus Maye and Jamal Adams to grow is crucial for New York’s future.


Every best-case scenario has an equal counterpoint; the worst-case scenario. A team that has been stricken with bad luck, such as the Jets, can’t afford the worst-case scenario here. Said worst-case scenario is that the Jets front office takes too long to switch over to Hackenberg at quarterback. Any snap Josh McCown takes is one less that general manager Mike Maccagnan and company have to evaluate Hackenberg with.

Though the organization won’t openly come out and say it, the Jets need to tank in 2017 to secure a top pick so that they can select their quarterback of the future. However, it is difficult to convey to a coach and his players to purposefully do a sub-par job. After all, their jobs are on the line here. The worst-case scenario for the Jets is somehow winning six or more games in 2017. While that outcome is extremely unlikely, it would prove to be lethal. A six-win season would give the Jets a pick around the 10th selection. This could possibly prevent them from selecting whichever quarterback they fancy.

Bottom Line

If the Jets rookies can stay healthy and the front office can adequately evaluate their young quarterbacks, while winning a mere two or three games in 2017, the season will be considered a success. However, this is the New York Jets, and things don’t always go according to plan.

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