What to Expect from the 2017 Cleveland Browns Training Camp

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On July 27th, the NFL season will, in part, begin. By that, I mean that NFL training camps will finally get underway. Teams will take shape, quarterbacks will have competition, and fans will rejoice. One team that will be particularly interesting to watch in training camp will be the Cleveland Browns. Now, were the Browns even close to sniffing championship contention last year? Absolutely not. Will they be in contention this year? Most likely also a no. But that doesn’t mean that fans shouldn’t get excited. This team is building for the future, and fans can expect a lot from this Browns training camp alone.

What to Expect from the 2017 Cleveland Browns Training Camp

The Myles Garrett Show

As the first overall draft pick, many fans have high hopes and expectations for Myles Garrett. Browns fans were buzzing when they saw Garrett’s combine performance and his college film reel. However, after suffering an injury in OTAs, the Browns coaching staff decided to withhold him until training camp. And now, training camp is (almost) finally upon us.

It’s safe to say that even the NFL greats think that Garrett is ready for the league. Soon after the Browns drafted Garrett, Bruce Smith took an interest in being his mentor. If Garrett turns out to be even a fraction as good as Smith, Browns fans have a lot to be excited about. He’s healed up and ready to go, so fans can expect that this Browns training camp will be something of a Myles Garrett Show.

Kessler vs. Kizer vs. Osweiler

Normally, the quarterback competition is the highlight of a rebuilding team’s training camp. However, Browns fans have heard this narrative way too many times before. Frankly, most fans in the “Dawg Pound” are sick and tired of hearing about their quarterbacks. But with a man like Hue Jackson at the helm with this group of signal callers, one might just turn out great. Which quarterback comes out on top remains to be seen, but each has their pros and cons. No matter what happens, this quarterback controversy finally seems like it could end positively. Definitely could be a highlight of the 2017 Browns training camp.

The Reign of Gregg Williams

Since the Browns hired Gregg Williams, Cleveland fans have been absolutely buzzing. There’s a video going around social media of Williams and his coaching methods that has fans particularly pumped, and rightfully so. It’s safe to say that Williams runs a tight ship, and that’s exactly what this defense needs. If the Browns want to bring back the days of the “Dawg Pound,” they need a rough bunch of defensive coaches. And without a doubt, Gregg Williams is a fantastic start. Not only is Williams a tough coach, but he truly knows exactly what he’s doing. Williams has won a Super Bowl in the coaching position he’s in right now. Surely, that’s got to count for something.

In Closing

As far as Browns training camp goes, this one could be completely pivotal. It seems that the coaching crew in Cleveland is finally in place, and the team is beginning to take shape. Is it even close to a finished product? Well, no, but the team is rebuilding, so this is an okay situation to be in. Myles Garrett is ready and raring to start, as is the rest of the team. Finally, the Browns quarterback competition is getting interesting in a good way. And perhaps most importantly, one of the league’s defensive masterminds the defense. This year’s training camp will be very telling, and hopefully, it’s for better, rather than worse.


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