Cleveland Browns Should Sign Jeremy Maclin

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In a somewhat shocking move, the Kansas City Chiefs have released wide receiver Jeremy Maclin. Now, although Maclin has dealt with injury, he can still be a viable asset. Surely, Alex Smith will be missing him greatly next year. In any case, the past is in the past and Jeremy Maclin is now a free agent. While the Baltimore Ravens seem to be a frontrunner to sign Maclin, there is another team that should snag him. That team is the Ravens’ AFC North neighbor, the Cleveland Browns.

Cleveland Browns Should Sign Jeremy Maclin

Help the Quarterback

It’s no “hot take” to say that the Browns have a bad quarterback room. In fact, most fans (including Browns fans) would agree with you in saying that. However, a good receiver could help to change all that. Now of course, a receiver cannot fix a quarterback problem, but he can help to fix an ailing quarterback. And unless DeShone Kizer is already ready to go, the Browns currently have four “ailing quarterbacks.”

Maclin is an experienced receiver who is among the league’s best when healthy. In the case of Cody Kessler or Kizer, he could be a life saver. A veteran wide receiver that can truly help his signal-caller and be a leader. For a young team like the Browns, that could be exactly what they need.

A Veteran Presence

Keeping with the theme of things the Browns need, a veteran presence is one of them. Outside of Joe Thomas, the Browns are almost completely devoid of solid veteran players. Even with Thomas, Maclin might be a better option. Although Thomas is a first-ballot Hall of Famer, he really hasn’t won anything. Now, I’m not disrespecting Joe Thomas, that would be sacrilege. However, Maclin’s playoff resume is worth a look. Out of his eight years in the league, Maclin has made the playoffs five times. While not absolutely stellar, it’s more playoff appearances than the Browns have had in the past 20 years.


If the Browns really wanted to sign Maclin, they certainly have the means to do it. Even after all the money they spent on their offensive line, the Browns still have a ton of salary cap space. How much exactly? About $43 million. And that’s including the monster contract they took on from trading for Brock Osweiler. So no matter what Maclin wants from the Browns, they can afford to sign him.

Playing Keep Away

The Cleveland Browns have been in the NFL’s basement for nearly two decades now. With two total trips to the playoffs since 1999, the Browns have watched the Ravens, Bengals, and Steelers get better and better since their 1999 rebirth. Therefore, if Baltimore really is a favorite to sign Maclin, the Browns need to take him, and quickly. The Browns cannot afford to lose yet another free agent signing to a division rival. Especially now, as it seems the Ravens could be on a decline. If the Browns could capitalize, and at least take third place in their division, that would be a big win.


As far as signing Jeremy Maclin goes, only good things can really come from it. First of all, the Browns have the cap space to sign Maclin for whatever he might want (which shouldn’t be too much). Secondly, Cleveland’s quarterbacks need help, which Maclin could absolutely provide. Additionally, Maclin provides a veteran presence who is often in the playoffs and really knows how to win. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the Browns will be getting better, rather than other teams in their division. Pull the trigger now, Sashi Brown. You won’t regret it.


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