The Tennessee Titans Fleeced the Los Angeles Rams in 2016 NFL Draft Trade

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The Tennessee Titans Fleeced the Los Angeles Rams. After taking Jonnu Smith in the third round, the Titans trade with the Rams from 2016 was complete. It was a very lopsided trade. So lopsided, the Titans need to apologize to the Rams.

It’s bizarre this happened to the Rams after they were on the winning side of a similar trade, which saw the Redskins trade up to get Robert Griffin. Despite Rams brass being optimistic about the deal with the Titans, it’s turned out very poorly for Los Angeles. The trade involved a lot of pieces, but after you trim the fat, it went like this. The Rams got Jared Goff, and the Titans got Jack Conklin, Derrick Henry, Austin Johnson, Corey Davis, and Jonnu Smith. You could argue that because it turned out so poorly for the Rams, the Titans should write an apology letter.

If the Titans were actually to send a letter to the Rams for this trade, there are a couple of directions they could go.

Make Them Feel Better

The Titans could play the ‘beginner’s luck’ card for Jon Robinson. It was one of his first big moves at the helm of Tennessee, and some could argue it was just a lucky start to his career. However, the Rams might see through that, because his first big move was the one with the Eagles where he dropped just 13 spots in the fourth round after swapping picks to get DeMarco Murray.

Be Optimistic About Goff

Tennessee could just load the letter with compliments about Goff:

  • He completed over 50 percent of his throws in his rookie season;
  • Goff only lost two of the five fumbles he had – decent;
  • He’s 6’4 – nice;
  • Was born in California and played college for California – super neat.

The list goes on forever. The important thing for the Titans is they have to don’t mention, in the seven games Goff has started, the Rams have been outscored 85 to 221. And, just don’t bring up the fact he has an interception each game he throws a touchdown. But most importantly just leave out that he hasn’t won a game in those seven starts. To be safe, Tennesse shouldn’t let the Rams know this video exists.

Find Humour in the Trade

Assuming the Rams like Game of Thrones, because, how could you not, Tennessee could compare the deal to a scene from the show. The first one that comes to mind is the ‘Red Wedding’ scene when Walder Frey ambushes the Stark House, ruining the Stark bloodline. Similar to the future of the Starks, the Rams’ isn’t looking too promising. This might not be the best way to go, because who knows what sense of humor the Rams’ organization has these days, but could be worth a shot.

Offer Support

One thing that would be very thoughtful for the Titans to do is to offer Ram fans a free spot on the Titans bandwagon. Seeing how Corey Davis and Marcus Mariota will likely be the next great duo in the NFL, a lot of people will be jumping on for the ride, the Super Bowl ride that is. Offering the fans of Los Angeles and St. Louis a spot now would be very polite. Then when the Rams get back on track or find a new quarterback, whichever comes first (probably the latter), then Tennessee would kindly deliver the fans back to the Rams.

Seeing how the Rams will be the reason for a significant portion of the Titans’ success, it makes logical sense to have their fans cheering for Tennessee. It’s like how you cheer for the team that eliminates your team from the playoffs so that you can say you lost to the champions.

Gloat About Their Franchise

The Rams did break the heart of everyone who cheers for Tennessee back in Super Bowl XXXIV, by one single yard.

So the letter could just be all about how great the Rams were back in the day, and how the franchise will bounce back stronger than ever. Or the Titans could bring that game up and either say the trade was karma for that play 17 years ago or just kindly say, “we’re even.” Both are reasonable options.

Just say sorry??

Tennessee really could just write a letter saying,

“Hey sorry this worked out so poorly for you, we hope the next few years go by quickly. If we can do anything let us know.”

Keep it short and sweet, and maybe that’s all the Rams need/want to hear right now.

Whether or not the Titans write this letter or not, the trade is completely one-sided. Unless, Jared Goff turns into Tom Brady, or becomes one of the Monster from Space Jam, the trade has been a home run for the Titans.

Conklin has already solidified himself as a cog in the well-oiled machine that is the Titans offensive line. Henry is set to be an explosive back with the presence of Murray as a mentor. And Davis should be an effective weapon for Mariota to finally push this Titans offense to the next level. If Henry, Davis, and Smith can live up to expectations, then the Titans will be well on their way to fortuitous future.



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