Oakland Raiders Seventh Round Draft Reaction: Jylan Ware

CHICAGO - APRIL 30: Oakland Raiders NFL football helmet is on display in Pioneer Court to commemorate the NFL Draft 2015 in Chicago on April 30, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)
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As the draft progresses, Ryan Smith, Michael Larson, and Giovanni Militano will break down each of Oakland’s picks. They will be asked if they liked the pick, if the player will make an immediate impact on the team, if there’s another player they liked more, and how they’d grade the selection. This is the official draft reaction page for the Raiders department of Last Word on Pro Football.

Oakland Raiders Seventh Round Second Pick Draft Reaction 

With the 231st Pick in the Seventh Round, the Oakland Raiders Select… Jylan Ware, Offensive Tackle, Alabama State

1. Do You Like the Pick?

Smith: Yes

Larson: Yes

Militano: Yes

2. Why or Why Not?

Smith: He’s an athletic giant. At 6’8, he moves around like a much smaller player. However, he’s about as raw as grocery store cookie dough.

Larson: Jylan Ware measures at 6’8″ and 300 pounds. The Raiders will take that size for their offensive line everyday. The skill come with the right coaching.

Militano: Ware is gifted athletically and has all of the tools to be successful. If he can figure out the position, Ware can be a solid contributor.

3. Will This Player Make An Immediate Impact on the Team?

Smith: No. It’s hard to imagine him climbing up the depth chart. He may end up being a practice squad guy.

Larson: No. He will be on the practice squad at the least and also provides competition for Vadal Alexander, if Alexander hasn’t been putting in the extra work so far this off-season. Seeing the field is doubtful though.

Militano: No. Ware isn’t ready. There are a lot more experienced players at his same position. He has a lot of catching up to do.

4. Is There Another Player You Wanted Instead, and If So, Who?

Smith: No

Larson: No

Militano: No

5. Grade

Smith: B-. Occasionally late round guys make a big push. He’s got all the tools, he just has to bring it together.

Larson: B-. Everything to love about this pick. As long as the Raiders think the player has the coachable attitude, then the size and skill should add up at some point.

Militano: C+. Ware is a guy with a lot of upside. He won’t contribute right away, but can maybe compete for a spot on this team.

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