Oakland Raiders Fourth Round Draft Reaction

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As the draft progresses, Ryan Smith, Michael Larson, and Giovanni Militano will break down each of Oakland’s picks. They will be asked if they liked the pick, if the player will make an immediate impact on the team, if there’s another player they liked more, and how they’d grade the selection. This is the official draft reaction page for the Raiders department of Last Word on Pro Football.

Oakland Raiders Fourth Round Draft Reaction

With the 129th Pick in the Fourth Round, the Oakland Raiders Select… David Sharpe, Offensive Tackle, Florida.

1. Do You Like the Pick?

Smith- Yes

Larson- Yes

Militano- Yes

2. Why or Why Not?


This late in the draft, it’s all reward, no risk. He’s a huge prospect, and if he works on his game, he could become part of our line.


David Sharpe played 26 games at left tackle in his career at the University of Florida. The level of competition in the SEC is higher than mostly anywhere else in college football. His experience is valuable and he’s an enormous man at 6’6″ 343 pounds. It’s a solid pick with potential.


David Sharpe has all of the tools to be a successful offensive lineman. Some have him projected to play guard. He could stick at tackle or guard.

3. Will This Player Make An Immediate Impact on the Team?


He’s not quite ready to contribute just yet. For now, he’ll sit behind the rest of the offensive lineman on the roster as depth.


Sharpe was one of the most healthy, but not the most consistent on the field. He has a large frame and he will need to learn the best way to use his size in the NFL before seeing the field.


4. Is There Another Player You Wanted Instead, and If So, Who?



Again, the Raiders have still neglected to add a linebacker in the draft and defense still needs to be the priority. Defensive tackle Caleb Brantley was available and I would have preferred him or a linebacker.


Linebacker is still the bigger need for Oakland. Blair Brown was available, and he’d fill a bigger need.

5. Grade-


It was a solid pick. He’s a big guy with a ton of potential down the road

Larson- C+

Sharpe brings two years of experience playing left tackle in the SEC and has excellent size. But there are still some concerns on whether he can ever be an NFL starter.


Sharpe has time and room to develop into a contributor. Coaches will have to work with Sharpe to help him become an eventual starter.


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