Ty Montgomery Can Become an Integral Part of the Green Bay Packers Run Game

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This offseason, the Green Bay Packers lost former Rookie of the Year and Pro Bowler Eddie Lacy to the Seattle Seahawks in free agency, leaving the Packers with a big hole at the running back position. Green Bay played most of last season with a trio of James Starks, Christine Michael and Ty Montgomery, with Montgomery getting more and more playing time as the season wore on. With Green Bay’s running back situation still in doubt, I’ll examine how good Montgomery can become should Green Bay stick with him this upcoming season.

Ty Montgomery Can Become an Integral Part of the Green Bay Packers Run Game

Montgomery’s Versatility Will Be Valuable To Packer Offense

Green Bay is well known for running an up-tempo, fast paced offense.¬†Montgomery thrived last season in this same exact style of offense, and will get even more chances this season. Green Bay likes to utilize draw and screen plays with their running backs, and Montgomery will take on that role perfectly. His quickness, speed and acceleration will allow him to find holes and pick up big chunks of yards with bursts of speed. Green Bay’s utilization of the pistol formation will become even more frequent as well. Using a speedier back with the versatility of Montgomery in the pistol against using a slower, more powerful back such as Lacy in a similar situation gives Green Bay more flexibility out of that formation. Montgomery’s acceleration gives him a better chance to pick up more yards off of screen passes as well.

Lack Of Size, Potential Lack of Durability Will Limit Montgomery

Most running backs who are extremely fast and versatile usually lack the proper strength and size of a full-time running back in the NFL. Such is the case with Montgomery, who is only 6’0″ and weighs 217 pounds. He won’t be able to drive the pile or get that many yards after contact due to his lack of size and strength. There are also durability concerns, as he seemed to be rather injury prone in his first couple of seasons in the NFL. He’s had quite a bit of issues with his ankles, which isn’t a good sign when you’re looking for your running back of the future.

He certainly doesn’t lack the energy or desire to play, however, and his strengths far outweigh his weaknesses. As for how good he can become, Montgomery could take on the role that James Starks played for Green Bay before moving on at the end of last season. More specifically, he can function as a change-of-pace running back who comes in to provide a spark of life and add another weapon to Aaron Rodgers¬†arsenal.



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