Darrelle Revis Released by New York Jets

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The NY Jets made a big decision to release their veteran cornerback Darrelle Revis on Tuesday. The buzz is whether this was a cap casualty or a strategy by New York’s front office to sidestep the inevitable poor press. The team left the question open.

Darrelle Revis Released by New York Jets

The decision to release Revis is not entirely unexpected. Recent speculation regarding the cornerback’s departure from the New York Jets was that he would be let go. His production has declined in 2016 and recent seasons and recent legal troubles were likely a kicker for the team. Although the team announced that his run-ins with the law had no bearing on their decision, the question still hangs over the NFL community.

The league has seen more than its share of black eyes in recent seasons. Revis’ recent headlines are right in line. Letting him go hits the Jets’ salary cap for $6 Million, according to SpoTrac.com.

With the Jets estimated to have around $18 Million in cap space, this may hurt. But how much of the decision was salary-based? The hit eats up about a third of their available money. But even with the slow decline of Darrelle Revis’ play, it’s unlikely that the Jets can find a suitable replacement in draft or free agency. Widely considered to be one of the best to ever don the Green and White, his legacy will be long. And Jets’ fans are going to be troubled by the hole in their already-struggling secondary.

The free agency options this off-season may give the Jets a bite at another, more highly-prized apple. But NY executives will have to go back to the table to carve out some money for a suitable replacement. However, they may not find another like Darrelle Revis no matter where they look.


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