What Eric Berry Means to Kansas City

HOUSTON, TX - JANUARY 09: Eric Berry #29 of the Kansas City Chiefs celebrates his first quarter interception against the Houston Texans during the AFC Wild Card Playoff game at NRG Stadium on January 9, 2016 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)
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Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry┬ábecomes a free agent this offseason, and he needs to be a priority to get re-signed. The Chiefs star would be the best on the market if allowed to test free agency and would land a hefty contract in a hurry. It’s no secret that Berry is massively talented, as he put up arguably the best stat line in the league for a safety. The former Tennessee Volunteer racked up 77 tackles, a forced fumble, and four interceptions, two of which went for touchdowns. He was invaluable on the field, but Berry’s value to the Chiefs goes far beyond simply his play.

What Eric Berry Means to Kansas City

Berry’s Battle

During the 2014 season, some of the worst imaginable news hit the Kansas City Chiefs. Eric Berry received a cancer diagnosis. Many people don’t even survive this disease, but Berry did that and more. Everywhere there were whispers of the doubt surrounding his professional career, but they only drove him to push harder. Every single day that he was able he was attacking chemo and working out until he was in tears. In the midst of battling this deadly sickness, he was battling even harder to maintain his strength so he could get back on that field. Incredible strength and character possessed by this man shone through like a lamp as he put everything he had into recovering for his team.

In a truly astounding feat, less than one year later he was back out on that field and playing one of the best seasons of his life, earning a Pro Bowl nod. Through his determination and strength, Berry became the hero of Kansas City and an inspiration to people across the world. New hope was instilled in the hearts of some battling cancer as they watched Berry’s incredible triumph over the disease. Strength had gained a new meaning the moment this safety ran back out onto that field.

A Key to Kansas City Success

In the Chiefs locker room, Eric Berry became a leader, an inspiration, and somebody every player wanted to play their hearts out for. Kansas City is a good, well-rounded team with an extremely talented defense that makes plays and wins them games. Talent is present on all three levels, but the heart and soul of it all is Berry. He may be the one player this team just can’t do without. Not only are his skills arguably the best on the team, but what he brings to the table that can’t be measured is irreplaceable.

It’s feasible that the Chiefs will not get near a Super Bowl for many years if they let their biggest leader walk. Berry’s departure would be incredibly demoralizing to the team and without his leadership and presence the team’s level of play would drop noticeably. Their leader departing would mean their Super Bowl hopes departing and the staff can’t possibly be okay with that. Further backlash could even include loss of some fans if the Chiefs aren’t able to retain such a beloved player.

In Conclusion

The Chiefs may be facing the most significant contract expiration in organization history. If they lose Eric Berry, they lose their heart and soul and part of the foundation of the team. This is so much more than an elite safety with incredible on-field production the Chiefs have on their hands. This is an incredible man off the field and a hero to an entire fanbase.