Super Bowl LI Prop Bets and Predictions

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell speaks with the media during a press conference at the George R. Brown Convention Center on February 1, 2017 in Houston, Texas.
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Super Bowl LI will take place this Sunday when the New England Patriots face off against the Atlanta Falcons in Houston, TX. Of course, fans can bet on the game itself, either straight up or against the spread, but viewers can also have some fun making wagers on any of hundreds of proposition bets (aka prop bets). Below are some Super Bowl LI prop bets and predictions.

Super Bowl LI Prop Bets and Predictions

Odds to Win Super Bowl LI

Patriots: 9/10

Falcons: 10/9

Prediction: New England wins 38-34 as Tom Brady and Bill Belichick each win their fifth Lombardi Trophy.

Odds to Win Super Bowl LI MVP

Tom Brady: 3/2

Matt Ryan: 7/4

Julio Jones: 11/2

Field: 10/1

Prediction: Since a Patriots win was predicted above, and the smart money is usually on a quarterback, Brady gets the nod here. But it is difficult to go against the field and the most MVP tickets at Westgate have been written on Falcons second-year linebacker Vic Beasley Jr. out of Clemson.

Over/Under of 57.5 For the Final Score

Prediction: Doing some quick math 38 plus 34 equals 72, which is greater than 57.5 so the pick is over. However, it is the Super Bowl and there can be some nerves, particularly at first, and the defenses could play better than expected. But, the quarterbacks are just too good and both have a myriad of weapons at their disposal. Take the over.

Odds A Kicker Misses An Extra Point: 7/3

Prediction: Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski is usually solid in big games (last season’s AFC Championship game not withstanding) and he has made 46 of 49 extra point attempts this season. Falcons kicker Matt Bryant has made 56 of 57 extra point attempts this season. Both are veterans. This is Gostkowski’s 11th season and Bryant’s 15th. Neither of them will miss a PAT.

Odds A Hail Mary Is Completed: 66/1

Prediction: Really nice odds here and you just never know what will happen in a Super Bowl, so it’s difficult to pass up these odds. But neither quarterback has completed a Hail Mary in a while and Mr. Hail Mary, Aaron Rodgers, won’t be on the field. Don’t bet on a Hail Mary being completed.

Odds To Score the First Touchdown

Julio Jones: 9/2

Devonta Freeman: 5/1

LeGarrette Blount: 6/1

Mohamed Sanu: 7/1

Martellus Bennett: 9/1

Chris Hogan: 11/1

Julian Edelman: 11/1 T

Tevin Coleman: 14/1

Dion Lewis: 16/1 Field: 12/1

Prediction: Jones is one of the best receivers in the league, Sano might be the most underrated acquisition of this past off-season and Freeman and Coleman are a very formidable, but Blount rushed for 18 touchdowns in the regular season and the Patriots will give him ample carries on Sunday. Bennett had seven receiving touchdowns in 2016 and, with no Rob Gronkowski on the field, is one the Patriots best red zone threats. Go with Blount or Bennett.

Odds Both Teams Score on Their Opening Possession: 1/1

Prediction: With how good Brady and Ryan and these offenses are, there could definitely be a lot of points scored in this game. But, there are usually some nerves right at the beginning. It is very possible neither team scores on their first possession. Plus the odds aren’t good enough to take this bet.

Odds Rob Gronkowski Plays In Super Bowl LI: 1,000/1

Prediction: The odds are great but this could be the dumbest prop bet in history. Unfortunately for Patriots fans there is ZERO chance that Gronk plays on Sunday.

Over/Under References to Michael Vick: 1.5

Prediction: Take the under. The announcers will bring up Matty Ice replacing Michael Vick after Vick went to jail for his role in a dog fighting ring once, but that will be it. FOX won’t want a lot of Vick mentions. Yes, the line is only 1.5, but still take the under.

Odds on Lady Gaga’s Opening Halftime Show Song

 The Edge Of Glory: 3/1

Perfect Illusion: 7/2

Born This Way: 4/1

Other: 2/1

Prediction: Like the odds for Born This Way, but go with “other” here. Gaga will probably open her set with “Million Reasons,” and then play some older songs like The Edge of Glory and Born This Way.

Odds Lady Gaga Sings One Of the Following Songs:

Bad Romance: 1/1

Born This Way: 13/2

Edge of Glory: 10/1

Poker Face: 22/1

Paparazzi: 30/1

Perfect Illusion: 35/1

Million Reasons: 40/1 Field: 4/1

Prediction: Born This Way, especially at 13/2 odds. It’s one of Gaga’s most known songs. Plus Gaga will figure that Donald Trump will be watching (and probably Tweet about) the game. The NFL would never allow Gaga to make an anti-Trump statement, so singing “Born This Way” will be her statement against Trump. This could be the easiest bet to make out of all of the prop bets out there.

Odds On Which Brand Wins Best Commercial (Per USA Today’s Ad Meter):

 Budweiser: 5/2

Hyundai: 4/1 Wix: 5/1

Field: 5/3

Prediction: It’s either Budweiser (always a safe choice) or the field (possibly Doritos, they always have really good advertisements during the Super Bowl). Plus, there could be a easily be a company that comes out of nowhere with a great commercial.

The Super Bowl should be a highly entertaining game and hopefully these prop bets make it even more fun to watch.


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