Kansas City Chiefs First Round Draft Targets: Offense

LUBBOCK, TX - NOVEMBER 05: Patrick Mahomes II #5 of the Texas Tech Red Raiders leads the offense on to the field during the game against the Texas Longhorns on November 5, 2016 at AT&T Jones Stadium in Lubbock, Texas. Texas defeated Texas Tech 45-37. (Photo by John Weast/Getty Images)
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This year’s NFL draft features a loaded defensive class, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t gems to be found on the other side of the ball as well. The Kansas City Chiefs experienced most of their struggles this season on offense and are in need of help on that side of the ball. Below, five prospects who could bolster Kansas City’s offense in a big way are discussed.

Kansas City Chiefs First Round Draft Targets: Offense

Alvin Kamara, running back, Tennessee

Alvin Kamara and the Chiefs would be a match made in heaven. There is no pro player he resembles more than the Chiefs own Jamaal CharlesThe Tennessee product is a fast, explosive one cut back with incredible hands and route running. With Kansas City’s heavy use of running backs in the passing game, an elite pass catcher like Kamara in the backfield would be an absolute dream. There may be no player in the entire class that would make a more perfect fit for the Chiefs offensively.

D’Onta Foreman, running back, Texas

Foreman is a bigger running back at 6’1 and 249 lbs, nearly identical to Le’Veon Bell‘s size, and his running style resembles Bell’s as well. The Texas star is a patient back with excellent vision and the ability to make quick cuts and lane adjustments. Elite acceleration allows him to get up to speed quickly and slip by defenders at the line, helping him to pick up yardage in chunks. He can also lower his pads and bring the power and punish defenders with his size.

One big downside to Foreman that might make him less appealing to the Chiefs is his lack of hands. Catching passes is not something he has any skill at currently. His receiving stats in college: nine catches and three drops over his career. If Kansas City can look past his total lack of hands, Foreman’s well-rounded running style will allow him to be a featured player.

John Ross, wide receiver, Washington

Washington’s John Ross is the dynamic play-making receiver the Chiefs need. Elite speed and explosiveness allows Ross to stretch the field and be a big play threat. He’s fast in and out of breaks and is a natural route runner, which allows him be in the right spot. Tracking and adjusting to the ball is another big strength of his, allowing him to catch questionable throws. Like current Chief Tyreek Hill, Ross is a threat to score every time the ball is in his hands. Ross’s smaller size at 5’11 and the possibility that he could struggle against big corners are the only major weaknesses to be found.

Forrest Lamp, offensive tackle, Western Kentucky

Not a sexy pick, but a realistic and extremely useful one. Lamp played tackle in college, but could be the next great tackle-to-guard conversion in the NFL. He bears significant resemblance as a player to the Cowboys Zach Martin. Quick feet and incredibly sound, his solid blocking make him a top offensive line prospect in this draft. There are virtually no technical flaws to be found in his game and he excels at both protecting his quarterback in the pocket and opening up running lanes. Not a single sack has been given up by Lamp in almost two years, an extremely impressive feat. This tough, reliable Western Kentucky product has the skills to be an elite guard at the next level.

Patrick Mahomes, quarterback, Texas Tech

Should they? Maybe not. Could they take the chance? Yes. Though the Chiefs staff is highly unlikely to spend a first rounder on a quarterback, especially in this class, it’s something to be considered. It is a belief held by many that current quarterback Alex Smith will never bring the team a championship. He’s too conservative and doesn’t make the big plays for the team, and perhaps it’s time for a change under center. Enter Mahomes.

An NFL comparison for this quarterback is Derek Carr of the Oakland Raiders. Like Carr, Mahomes shows great mobility and athleticism along with a cannon for an arm and nice field vision. Both his mobility and accuracy are put on full display with this throw. The tools to be a very good NFL quarterback are present, but Mahomes needs some time to develop and learn. He wouldn’t be an instant starter, but the Chiefs could groom him to be their guy of the future. The Texas Tech product has nothing but potential and could answer the Chiefs offensive woes for years to come.


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