Sean McDermott Is the Anti-Rex Ryan

HOUSTON, TX - DECEMBER 18: Defensive coordinator Sean McDermott of the Carolina Panthers at Reliant Stadium on December 18, 2011 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
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Sean McDermott was hired by the Buffalo Bills to replace Rex Ryan as head coach this week.  McDermott will bring a significant culture change to Buffalo.  In many ways he is the anti-Rex Ryan.  McDermott does not carry the same cache as other available candidates such as Josh McDaniels or Anthony Lynn.  However, McDermott’s style may be just what the Buffalo Bills need right now.  That style is a hard working, disciplined and fundamental approach.

Sean McDermott Is the Anti-Rex Ryan

Sean McDermott played his last years of football at William and Mary College.  After playing, McDermott spent one season on the William and Mary coaching staff as a graduate assistant.  His first professional opportunity came with the Philadelphia Eagles as a scouting coordinator in 1999.  McDermott served as an assistant coach under Andy Reid during the 2001 season.  In fact, McDermott spent ten years with Eagles and served a number of different positions, from secondary coach to defensive coordinator.  McDermott was fired by Philadelphia in 2010 and has served as defensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers since.

Respect and Accountability

It is no secret that Rex Ryan is a players coach and that men love playing for him.  The problem is that egalitarian approach does not always coincide with respect or success.  In many ways Rex Ryan’s approach left gaping holes in the details and a drop in focus and accountability.  When players are no longer accountable for each other in many ways they can stop respecting one another.  McDermott will come in and demand respect, as well as give respect.  McDermott has already made it clear their will be a re-focus on fundamentals and techniques.  Preparation and discipline will force players to be accountable and should raise the level of play.  Each positive component of this culture change should build on itself if done correctly.  Therefore, McDermott steps into One Bills Drive with the right ideas, the right mentality, and the correct approach.

McDermott Has Respect of Peers

McDermott has received high praise from coaches such as Mike Tomlin and Andy Reid.  In Fact, Reid said “Sean is a smart guy that works extremely hard and has all the intangibles lined up for him. He’s really going to be a tremendous head coach. I think the Buffalo Bills made the right decision there. He’ll come in, and what they saw in the interview process will be exactly what they see on the field, and how he carries himself in the community as well as amongst his players – high, high integrity, extremely hard working and very intelligent. I’m proud of him. He’s earned this opportunity.”

McDermott himself seems confident in his abilities as well.  He made it very clear during the press conference where he was introduced as head coach that he is” very comfortable being here and I am very comfortable with the situation.”  Hopefully the Bills players will buy into this culture change and winning attitude next season.  It will be a drastic difference and shift from the ideology they have been accustom to the last two seasons.  One thing that is for certain, Bills fans will absolutely buy in and remain blindly faithfully that this is the year the playoff drought ends.  Let us hope the Bills give this coach more than two years to implement his process and build a foundation.