San Diego Chargers Shouldn’t Fire Mike McCoy

CLEVELAND, OH - DECEMBER 24: Mike McCoy of the San Diego Chargers looks on against the Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium on December 24, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
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Almost at the end of a long, injury riddled season for the San Diego Chargers, the team is looking to make several personnel changes. One of which involves their current head coach, Mike McCoy. In nearly four seasons with the team, McCoy has led the Chargers to a 27-36 record, making the playoffs in his first season. After consecutive 9-7 seasons to start his tenure, things were looking fairly bright for him and the Chargers. However, injuries riddled the franchise over the past two years, leading to a combined 9-22 record in the past two seasons. Injuries can not be controlled, and McCoy has done all he can to keep the Chargers in contention. All told, there is no reason for the Chargers to fire Mike McCoy.

San Diego Chargers Shouldn’t Fire Mike McCoy

The Injury Bug

Unfortunately for the Chargers, they have been plagued by injuries over the past few seasons. Each season, it has been different, but still vital, positions that have seen the most injuries come their way. In 2014, key players like Danny Woodhead and Sean Lissemore had their seasons cut short by injury. Last season, the offensive line was dismantled by injuries to players like King Dunlap and Orlando Franklin. This year, franchise cornerstones  Keenan Allen and Jason Verrett had their seasons end early due to ACL injuries.

Now, injuries are certainly no excuse for a team doing as poorly as the Chargers, but they must be considered when viewing McCoy as a coach. He has done all he can to manage a team to at least be competitive in games. After all, the Chargers did beat the current second seeded Atlanta Falcons this season, and have been competitive in games with playoff teams like the Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs, just to name a few. While health is never a given in the NFL, the toll these injuries have taken on the Chargers is just insurmountable. Given the injuries the Chargers have dealt with, it is unlikely any coach would be able to take this team to a winning season, let alone the playoffs.

Potential Rebranding

With rumors surrounding the Chargers potentially moving to Los Angeles, the Chargers may be looking to completely rebrand themselves. The Chargers have considered a total rebrand, and doing so could lead them to fire McCoy. While that would be fitting for trying to have a fresh start in Los Angeles, it may not be the smartest move for the Chargers front office to make. After all, continuity is one of the keys to success in the NFL.

The New England Patriots are a perfect example of this: they have had the same head coach (Bill Belichick) for now 16 seasons, and they have maintained consistent success under him. While some of that success is due to superstar quarterback Tom Brady, coaching plays a big role in success. The Chargers have a star quarterback in Philip Rivers, and they should consider giving McCoy a little bit more time to lead the Chargers to success.

Overall, McCoy deserves at least one more season as head coach of the Chargers. If the Chargers struggle next season as well, then it will be time to fire McCoy. But for now, McCoy has proven to be capable of leading the Chargers to the playoffs, and should at least get one more chance at leading San Diego back to the postseason next year.
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  1. Name something he does well? Icing his own kicker? Calling timeouts in silly situations? Refusing to drive the ball from close to midfield with a minute on the clock and multiple timeouts? Consistently lining up in shotgun from the 1 yard line? Has never heard of a QB sneak? What does he do well?

  2. The two 9-7 seasons should not be considered a positive. He’s doing exactly what Norv did: underachieve with a talented team due to milquetoast coaching and play calling.

    In regards to injuries, the head coach hires his staff, and included in that staff are the trainers. So yes, a high number of injuries can be attributed to the head coach.

    The Belichick comparison is completely out of left field, and frankly, laughable. He took a bad team to a Super Bowl win in two seasons. McCoy took a better (compared to the Patriots in 2000) team and flushed it down the drain. Four years was a year too long. There is no way he deserves another shot.

  3. People that don’t watch the games have so much to say Sd fans are the worst! If you have played or coached you understand how dificult it is to win when your stars go down. Weve had injuries to 2 starting wr 4 rb, 3dbs,3lbs the top five draft pick got into the camp late and thats just off the top of my head and we still have been in contention week in and out. Thats pretty epic in my eyes because while everyone says next man up its very rare that the next man up compares to the man who went down. We had 2 bad seasons well yeah its to be expected with the injuries this team has faced. The medical staff and training and conditioning staff should probably be replaced so we can keep guys on the field thus enabling our coaches to show us what they can do. If you think my points are invalid look across at our rival theyve had one major injury and already feel like they wont win in the playoffs