Early Philadelphia Eagles Mock Draft

PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 13: Carson Wentz #11 of the Philadelphia Eagles plays Atlanta Falcons at Lincoln Financial Field on November 13, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Eagles defeated the Falcons 24-15. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
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Roughly halfway through this season, it’s almost time to look forward to this upcoming draft. After last year’s draft, it seemed the Philadelphia Eagles wouldn’t have very many picks, due to the trade up to get Carson Wentz. However after trading Sam Bradford, the Eagles have stocked the shelf for this upcoming draft. The Eagles have some big holes at offensive tackle, cornerback, running back, and wide receiver.

Early Philadelphia Eagles Mock Draft

First Round:

Sidney Jones: The Eagles are in desperate need of a corner to pair with promising rookie Jalen MillsThis pick will likely be somewhere in the vicinity of 20th overall, meaning players like Teez Tabor and Marlon Humphrey would likely be gone. Jones is having a pretty good season on a very good Washington Huskies squad. Jones could start out at the number two corner, and potentially switch with Mills for the number one position later in the season.

Second Round:

Mike McGlinchey: With their second pick, Eagles add Philly native McGlinchey. Jason Peters is getting up there in age, and may not even be with the Eagles next season. He could be started as a replacement for Peters, or for Lane Johnson, who, rumor has it, may switch to the left side next season. McGlinchey is huge and is rough to get around in both pass blocking and run blocking. This versatility would be a huge bonus for the Eagles.

Third Round:

Cooper Kupp:  Kupp adds a reliable set of hand to the Eagles offense, something that Carson Wentz will surely appreciate. Eagles receivers are some of the worst in the NFL and fail to catch many very catchable balls, former first rounder Nelson Agholor being the worst of them. Kupp might also add a legitimate deep threat, something the Eagles have lacked, until Bryce Treggs was active.

Fourth Round pick One:

Vince Biegel: Biegel is a reliable tackler, a need that the Eagles must fill. Mychal Kendricks has been atrocious this season both in coverage and against the run. He actually helped an opposing running back when he ran right into Malcolm Jenkins, who was about to make the tackle. Biegel isn’t a flashy hitter, but he’s reliable. He’s not awful in coverage, and couldn’t possibly be worse than Mychal Kendricks.

Fourth Round pick Two:

Joe Williams: This may be a tad high for Williams, but he’s been incredible since coming out of retirement. The fact that he had ever retired will be a huge hit to his stock, as it may seem that he lacks passion for football. However there comes a time where skill outweighs passion. He’s been ripping teams apart since coming back, and would be an immediate upgrade to Ryan Mathews.

Fifth Round:

Chidobie Awuzie: Awuzie might take the title of hardest name to pronounce from Halapoulivaati Vaitai. Awuzie is a potential bargain in the fifth round and could push for some playing time, perhaps in the Nickel Corner position. He is a pretty average size for a corner, and just decent.

Sixth Round:

KD Cannon: Cannon is a pure deep threat and would be a huge add for the Eagles. He’d step in and probably be the fastest player on the team. He’s got decent hands, but that’s not wildly important this late and on a deep threat. The main problem with him is he doesn’t run many routes, but that won’t matter, as he’d just run streaks. Cannon could pretty easily replace DeSean Jackson and do it very well too.

Seventh Round:

Freddie Stevenson: During Chip Kelly‘s time, the Eagles never used a fullback. However Doug Pederson likely wants one, as they were very important to him while he was the Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator. He could hypothetically wait until after the draft to get one, but Stevenson is good enough to take a chance on very late.


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